Our building was attacked

The class room

Thankfully no person was injured!

By the war desplaced people receiving help

Food is precious and therefore never been thrown away. Here people collecting the leftovers and drying them.

War has no benefit. It only brings destruction and losses.

The blooming economy of the country is gone

11. January 2020

The great day of the inaguration

May 2019

Production plant startes operating

May 2019

Installing the processing and drying machine

April 2019

Kitchen and Mensa for Breakfast and Lunch for all workers

February 2019

We had been welcomed by our neighbouring farmers after we returned from Switzerland

October 2018

Training for workers and locals about moringa and organic farming

August 2018

Erection of processing plat has been accomplished

June 2018

We received the electric supply

June 2018

1st cut at 1.2meter hight after 3.5 month from sawing, here 2nd cut on June 11th

February 2018

14 days old

Januar 2018

Developing more land

Januar 2018

Sowing of the Moringa hedges

December 2017

 Harvesting of the first Moringa leaves

November 2017

Our first moringa seeds for oil

November 2017

Whelding of the processing plant

October 2017

Flowering Moringa

October 2017

Moringa pots

September 2017

We have moved to the Farm

Mai 2017

Unloading of the irrigation materials 

März 2017

Watertank for drinkingwater is ready to use 

März 2017

Formwork for the livinghouse cellar

März 2017

Fencing of the 40 ha. 

März 2017

Fencing of the 40 ha.

März 2017

Building of the livinghouse basement 

Februar 2017

Installation of the Generator 

Februar 2017

Building of the pump and generator house 

Januar 2017

Excavation for the livinghouse 

Januar 2017

The reservoir has been finished 

Januar 2017

The well for the comunity is finished and highly appreciated! 

Januar 2017

Our vegetable garden 

Januar 2017

Building of the reservoir 

Dezember 2016

Together with the comunity we build the waterwell place for them. 

November 2016

The water is running! 

November 2016

Constructing the Workshop roof 

Oktober 2016

Watering of our first moringa 

October 2016

Entrance and guardhouse 

August 2016

First Moringaplants are growing. 

Juni 2016

Cleared Land from Above 

9. May 2016

School supported by 80 chairs with table.

19. March 2016

Making of the basements for the production hall.

14. March 2016

Unloading of the first containers.

13. March 2016

Our first visitors from Switzerland.

31. January 2016

Social Activity That was the situation of the school on our first visit.

30. January 2016

Beginning the clearing of the land.

31. December 2015

Introducing our project to the comunit together with the Office for landadministration. This was important for us to build up a good relationship

31. December 2015

Visiting our land together with the local farmers.

28. August 2015

Ato Dichasas is a well known researcher  for Moringa over 20 years. We had the privilage to visit his researching place.

August 2015

Together with Ato Girma Belay we visited other Areas in the Raya Valley to see other potential places. After having seen the options we descidet to apply for the land near Kukuftu, called „Bagiea-Delwo“.

May 2015

Arranged by the research center of Mekele we could see some of the potential areas. Unfortunitely we were not sattisfied as the land shown to us was full of trees. As Ethiopia is in demand of forest, we did not dare to cut down all the trees which were kept by the farmers in good condition for years. Incouraged by all the effortes from the side of the research center and the government we descided that Josua will come back again in August to see some other options.

May 2015

We, Josua and Heidi Gehrig visit for the first time the north of Ethiopia – Tigray, together with our friends Peter and Edith Lippuner. We all had been touched by what we saw and experienced. The grate support given by officials incouraged us to come back and grow a business with social impact.

Donate now

Living in a war afflicted area as a family in the North of Ethiopia and having seen all the sufferings, it is our greatest wish to help as much as we can. People die due to lack of food and medicine. As we live together with the people of te community we have access to the most needy people. We do not have administrational expenses, therefore your donation will be used to 100% for the people in need.

One of our extended goals are to help farmers who used to employ people but there farms have been destroyed. By this we can create jobs and food at the same time. Any support also in kind ore skill is welcomed.

Please feel free to contact us for more informations.
We thank you in advance for your support!
The Gehrig family.


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Tigray, Ethiopia

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