Elim Farm has the vision to contribute to the economic growth of Ethiopia by doing business in lesser known sectors. From the viewpoint that contributing to economic development is the best way to provide developmental aid, our Vision is to be involved in Moringa production and Honey production.


Elim Farm's mission is to produce organic moringa products and honey to export standard.


We carry out our mission by using opportunities provided by our environment:

  • we make use of the opportunities which Ethiopia offers in our operational management. We respect the country’s regulations, culture and surroundings;
  • our aim is to be an example for others in how we perform our business activities;
  • our products are intended to be sold locally and by export;
  • our aim is to be self-sustainable, promoting a positive economic climate in Ethiopia.

The high values of a good business are founded in Christian beliefs and are the basis of our strategy. We pursue transparency, honesty, cooperation, diligence and responsibility.

Elim Farms

Elim Farms plc is a joint investment of one Swiss citizen and two Ethiopians. The Farm is designed to produce different organic moringa products such as powder, oil and honey from its own sources.

The farm is located in the fruitful Raya Valley which is in the north of Ethiopia in Tigray. Elim Farms is gradually developing 40 ha by using drip irrigation. The project purchases its moringa oleifera seeds for its farm plants from India which is the native country of moringa.




Raya Azebo Baage Delwo
POB 43
Mehoni, Tigray, Ethiopia

For more information or questions, please send us a message.

Donate now

Living in a war afflicted area as a family in the North of Ethiopia and having seen all the sufferings, it is our greatest wish to help as much as we can. People die due to lack of food and medicine. As we live together with the people of te community we have access to the most needy people. We do not have administrational expenses, therefore your donation will be used to 100% for the people in need.

One of our extended goals are to help farmers who used to employ people but there farms have been destroyed. By this we can create jobs and food at the same time. Any support also in kind ore skill is welcomed.

Please feel free to contact us for more informations.
We thank you in advance for your support!
The Gehrig family.


Account holder
Josua and Heidi Gehrig
Raya Azebo, Baage Delwo
Tigray, Ethiopia

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